Shanice Landon

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About Shanice Landon

As a Realtor and certified credit consultant, Shanice enjoys offering comprehensive financial literacy education to her clients and especially new home owners to empower them to make an informed decision.

One of her best qualities is her ability to educate clients and empower them to make sound real estate decisions. Clients can rely on her financial and debt management knowledge to help them know how to utilize credit when buying or selling a home. Her main goal is to instill knowledge in her clients to help them maneuver the transaction better, and prepare them for future real estate investments.

Her mission is to secure client satisfaction through memorable experiences and providing exceptional customer service.

Shanice enjoys giving back to communities through volunteering and charitable work. She spends a lot of time educating people on budgeting, finances, and credit especially the youth. Traveling and self educating through reading are her two favorite pastimes.

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